Resources tips

Music Programmes

You may wish to look to existing music projects for inspiration or guidance when planning your own, such as The Big Music Project in the UK, Irish Youth Music Awards in Ireland, and Stuck Together Festival in Iceland.
You can look at these programmes and the way they work by following the links below:
Irish Youth Music Awards –

The Big Music Project -

Stuck Together Festival -

Music Charities

In the same way that youth charities may be able to support you in your music project, you may also wish to look to specific music charities who could prove useful in the planning and execution of your project. You can look at the work they do by following the links below:
UK –
Lithuania -

Youth Charities

You may be able to gain insight into planning your project from national charities who successfully run music programmes of their own. These programmes often can provide resources or support to anyone running projects, especially if the youth centre/social enterprise is a recognised member of the charity. These national youth charities may be able to offer such resources, or else offer membership which in turn provides such resources. You can find out information by following the relevant links below:
Youth Work Ireland -
Youth Cymru - Youth Scotland -
Youth Action Northern Ireland -
UK Youth -
Samfes (Iceland) -
Lithuanian Children and Youth Centre -