Body Percussion


  • Age: Any
  • Time: 5-15 mins
  • Skills: Ability to follow a rhythm
  • Materials: None
  • Outcomes: Regardless of music abilities, all can be involved. Inclusive of all music genres.


How to

  1. One participant starts to make a beat either using his/her body or any object that he/she may find, or a beat/sound with their voice.
  2. One by one (or as pairs/groups) each other participant joins with a new sound/rhythm that would fit with the previous one.
  3. The group continues until the sound maintains.
  4. An addition could be to sing or rap over the beat, whether it is a known song or freestyle.

An alteration to this activity could be the following:

  1. Have the group stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle, eyes closed. .
  2. Tap one student on the shoulder to begin the music box. That student should make a rhythmic sound such is "da dum, da dum, da dum".
  3. One by one, tap each student on the shoulder. As you tap, each student should add their own "music" to the group by snapping, whistling, or singing in rhythm.
  4. The game should continue until all students have had a chance to add their voice, at which point the last one to join will slowly fade out. Each student will slowly fade their sound until only the original "da dum, da dum, da dum" remains.